Syd Blakovich is the best

Syd Blakovich and Dallas Fivestar on the set of Pink & White Production's, CHAMPION: Love Hurts

Video I just uploaded was removed by tumblr, due to their new policy, that  apparently not allowing users to upload sexual videos

So, no more new content, hopefully they will not shut down this blog

Season 10s First Tag Team Match
team Nightmare vs team Dragon

Tag Team February 2013,

Team Nightmare won 1278/818

Syd Blakovich (wrestler and team captain) & Bella Wilde vs. Penny Barber & Serena Blair

DragonLily did not wrestle (she’s a coach for team Dragon), but she participated in R4.

Unfortunately this is live match, with audience. Therefore, irritating yells and cheers from said ‘audience’ (which I would set on fire)  is inevitable -.-

Other than that, it was a great match and great R4 (:

Anticipating Syd’s single fights coming up in May.

Something to give you an idea of what Ultimate Surrender is going to be from now on, under direction of Ariel X :

Syd Blakovich and DragonLily coming back to US as team captains. Each getting their own team that they going to train through the season.

If you like Ultimate Surrender, now is definitely right time to subscribe. It’s going to be eventful and exciting season.

In this video : Syd coaching her team and wrestling DragonLily

First ever solo scene of Syd Blakovich is available on and it’s so fucking hot, almost came just by watching it tbh. 

If you’re okay with paying 30$ for subscription, then you definitely should do it. To me this scene alone totally worth 30 bucks.

Some pictures from recent Team Dragon vs Team Nightmare match

Syd did terrific and she won against DragonLily 443/042

However, her team did not that great, so they’ve lost.

I will post some parts of this match tomorrow (whole video is 2.18 hours long, so I strongly recommend you to register on Ultimate Surrender site, so you can watch it whole, worth it)


@sydblakovich by courtney trouble  / for


@sydblakovich by courtney trouble  / for

Syd Blakovich is coming back to Ultimate Surrender! 

Team Nightmare vs Team Dragon update on 15th feb


Syd Blakovich, January 2013


Syd Blakovich, January 2013

Syd Blakovich and Jiz Lee in scene from the original ‘The Crash Pad’ film


Syd Blakovich vs. Vendetta

Aug. 28, 2007 Summer Vengeance match

Syd lost 96:105

Syd Blakovich vs. Devi Lynne R4

may 18, 2008

Better re-edit of the video I posted half a year ago, with only Round 4 footage. Also it happens to be my favorite Syd’s video from Ultimate Surrender.

Syd Blakovich / BDSM

Syd Blakovich and Sister Dee in Loan Shark, session for

January 25, 2010

Excellent session, loved it. Bondage, flogging, fisting, just perfect