Syd Blakovich is the best

So, here’s some buttsex for you :o

Syd Blakovich and Madison Young in final scene of session for

July 21, 2009

Final scene from the movie ‘Sylvia’ 

Syd Blakovich as Shawn

Princess Donna Dolore as Kate

Madison Young as Sylvia

Shawn takes control ;)

Full movie available for purchase at, and its worth it

Syd Blakovich and Princess Donna Dolore in first scene from the ‘Sylvia’ flick (directed by Madison Young and she also starring in it).

May 12, 2011

I can say I generally enjoyed this film. Every single scene is different (theres 4 in total) and great.

The ONLY minus of it is the sound, which is unfitting rap music. Sometimes you can’t hear what they saying because of it too and its just so out of place, its wtf moments when you starting to hear rap, confusing and distracting. The only explanation I have for that is that these rappers invested in movie production, for their music to be in it, okay then.

But the movie itself is brilliant!

Its available for purchase on